All our products either come in pre packed containers or bags depending on size ordered.

A - F

Almond and Apricot Yoghurt Bites 165g *

Almond Flakes Blanched 100g


South Australian

Almonds Chocolate 200g *

Almonds Roasted *

South Australia

Almonds Slivered 100g

Apple Dried 200g

Apricot Chocolate Balls 200g

Apricot Chocolate Balls 200g *

Apricot Coconut Squares 200g *

Apricot Delight 200g *

Apricot Yoghurt Balls Gluten Free 200g*

Apricots Dark Chocolate Dipped 200g (Aussie Apricots)

Apricots Dried SA

South Australian

Apricots Milk Chocolate Dipped 200g (Aussie Apricots)

Apricots Turkish 250g


Apricots White Chocolate Dipped 200g (Aussie Apricots)

Banana Chips 100g *

Beer Nuts *

Bellis Bars 3 for $1 - Apricot *

Bellis Bars 3 for $1 - Choc Strawberry *

Bellis Bars 3 for $1 - Strawberry *

Brazil Nuts 100g

Broad Beans Salted 400g

Bullets Chocolate 200g *

Bullets Chocolate Raspberry 200g *

Bullets White Chocolate Rasperry 200g *

Cashews Raw

Cashews Salted Premium *

Cashews Salted Premium 200g *

Cashews Unsalted Premium *

Cashews Unsalted Premium 200g *

Charlies Choice 500g *



Chickpea Chips 100g *

Chocolate Popcorn (Milk) 180g

Coconut Balls Robern Menz 200g *

Cranberries Dried Premium 1kg

Cranberry Yoghurt Balls Gluten Free 200g

Dates Dried Loose (per kg)

Dates Medjool Pre Pack Pitted 340g

Dates Medjool Pre Pack Whole 450g

Figs Dried 200g


Freckles Allens 200g *

Fruit Pieces 150g *

Fruit Salad Dried 250g

Good For You Nut Mix

Gummy Bears 200g *

Hazelnuts Raw 100g

Kracker Nut Mix 280g *

Licorice Allsorts 200g *

Licorice Dark Choc Tray 250g *

Licorice Milk Choc Tray 250g *

Licorice Pack of 5 *

Licorice Rasperry 200g *

Lite and Low Heavenly Delight Mix 250g

Lollies Cadbury Mix *

Lollies Charlesworth 200g

Macadamia Raw 100g

Macadamia Salted Dry Roasted 100g

Metro Roasted Delight *

Mixed Nuts Salted *

Mixed Nuts Unsalted *

Natural Mix 450g

Oranges Dark Chocolate Dipped 150g (Aussie Apricots) *

Outdoor Mix 300g *

Pastelli (6 pieces) *

Paw Paw Dried Diced 150g

Peaches Dried Australian 200G

South Australian

Peanut Clusters 200g *

Peanuts Chocolate 200g

Peanuts Salted *

Peanuts Unsalted *

Pears Dried South Australian 200g

Pecan Nuts 100g

Peppermint Truffle Bars 200g *

Pinenuts 100g

Pistachio Unsalted Kernals Shelled 100g

Pistachios Salted *

Premium Peaches Dried South Australian 200g

South Australian

Pretzels 300g *

Prunes Dried Pitted 250g

Pumpkin Seeds 150g

Raspberries Milk Chocolate 200g*

Raw Nut Mix 1kg

Rice Crackers BBQ 250g *

Rice Crackers Coloured 200g *

Rice Crackers Plain 200g *

Rice Crackers Spicy 250g *

Sour Worms 180g

Soya Crisps 250g *

Soya Crisps Honey & Dijon Mustard 250g *

Soya Crisps Sweet Chilli and Lime 250g *

Spearmint Leaves 200g *

Spicy Nut Cracker 300g *

Sunflower Kernels 150g

Turkish Delight Pink Lady Chocolate 150g

Turkish Delight Rose aprox 200g Container

TV Mix Chocolate 200g *

Walnuts Loose

Walnuts Pack New Season 1kg

Walnuts Shelled


Walnuts South Australian Shelled 150g

South Australia

Walnuts South Australian Shelled 300g

Please Note: Orders will be picked to the closest KG where applicable.
We will ensure orders do not go below the specified weight. 

Canceled orders will incur a 10% administration fee.