All our products either come in pre packed containers or bags depending on size ordered.

Chocolate Popcorn (Milk) 180g

Macadamia Raw 100g

Macadamia Salted Dry Roasted 100g

Metro Roasted Delight *

Mixed Nuts Salted *

Mixed Nuts Unsalted *

Natural Mix 450g

Oranges Dark Chocolate Dipped 150g (Aussie Apricots) *

Outdoor Mix 300g *

Pastelli (6 pieces) *

Paw Paw Dried Diced 150g

Peaches Dried Australian 300g

South Australian

Peanut Clusters 200g *

Peanuts Chocolate 200g

Peanuts Salted *

Peanuts Unsalted *

Pears Dried South Australian 200g

Pecan Nuts 100g

Peppermint Truffle Bars 200g *

Pinenuts 100g

Pistachio Unsalted Kernals Shelled 100g

Pistachios Salted *

Premium Peaches Dried South Australian 200g

South Australian

Pretzels 300g *

Pumpkin Seeds 150g

Raspberries Milk Chocolate 200g*

Raw Nut Mix 1kg

Rice Crackers BBQ 250g *

Rice Crackers Coloured 200g *

Rice Crackers Plain 200g *

Rice Crackers Spicy 250g *

Please Note: Orders will be picked to the closest KG where applicable.
We will ensure orders do not go below the specified weight. 

Canceled orders will incur a 10% administration fee.